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Interested in signing up for a workshop? Wondering how an online class works or what you need to do to register? Curious if you have the equipment necessary to participate in an online class? Read the questions and answers below to learn more.

How Do I Sign up for a Class?

1. Find the course that you'd like to take on the Workshops page.

2. Click the PayPal button for that workshop and pay for the course. A few days before the course begins, an invitation will be sent to the email address associated with the PayPal account.

Note: If you want your invitation to be sent to a different email address, please note this email in the notes section of the PayPal window before you pay. Or send an email message to mindy[at]onliten[dot]com to let us know your email address and the name under which you paid.

How Do I Join a Class?

About ten minutes or so before the start time of class, open the meeting invitation you received a few days earlier and click the link to the meeting.

If the moderator has not yet joined the meeting, you will be placed on hold until the moderator opens the meeting. The moderator will join the meeting 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time. When you first enter the meeting, your microphone will be set to mute. This is to cut down on all the background noise so everyone is able to hear the instructor clearly. To communicate with the moderator while you are on mute, type a note in the chat area.

What Is Fuze?

Fuze is the online webinar tool we use so you can see and hear the instructor and ask questions. And after class, you'll also be able to access both the handouts and a video of the class, so you can listen to the session again in case you missed something during the class.

What Does Fuze Look Like?

Once you have installed Fuze on your Mac or PC computer, your tablet or your smart phone, you'll see three panels.

The left panel includes a chat box to communicate with the OnLiten moderator, a red flag you may click to indicate you have a question, and the audio settings in case you need to make adjustments. You will not be able to view the names of other participants or chat directly with the instructor; however, the instructor will be able to see when you raise your flag to indicate you have a question.

In the center panel, you'll see a welcome message, any handouts the instructor is covering, or perhaps a background photo while the instructor is talking.

And in the right panel, you'll see a video of your instructor. After the class, the video link you'll receive will show just the middle and right panels as shown below.

What Equipment Do I Need to Participate in an Online Class?

You'll need a connection to the Internet, and a device that has both a monitor or screen and speakers or a headphone jack and headphones. In other words, you'll need a device that allows you to see and hear the instructor and the various handouts. You do not necessarily need a device with a microphone, although that makes it easier to ask questions. If you have a device that is old and doesn't have a microphone, though, you can still ask your question by typing it into the chat box and the OnLiten moderator will read it to the instructor during the next question-and-answer break. If you don't have a device that has speakers or a microphone, you may also use the toll number provided with the meeting invitation to phone in to the meeting. You do not need a webcam; only the class instructor needs a webcam, as she is the only one who will be videotaped. All other participants and the moderator may be heard at appropriate intervals but not seen.

What Will I See When I Log in to an OnLiten Class?

The moderator will log in 10-15 minutes before the start of each class. Once she is logged in, the instructor and participants will also be able to log in. As you log in, you will see a "Join the Audio Conference" dialog box asking you how you'd like to hear the class. You can either click the "Dial In" tab and use the telephone number provided (long-distance charges may apply) or you can opt for Internet Audio to use your device's speaker and microphone. If using the Internet Audio option, review the choices for microphone and speakers. If, for example, your system defaults to "headset," yet you don't have a headset, you won't be able to hear. Click "Test Speakers" to ensure you can hear, and then click "Connect."

To Whom Should I Ask My Question?

I Can't Hear the Meeting. Help!

To make adjustments to your Internet Audio settings once you have joined a class, in the left panel of the window, click the dropdown arrow next to the phone icon, and then click the white phone receiver to open the Audio settings dialog box. Do NOT click the red phone receiver, as this will disconnect you from audio. Once the Audio settings dialog box is open, you can make the necessary adjustments for your microphone and your speaker.

I’m Still Having Problems with Fuze

For Fuze-related issues, visit their technical support page at https://support.fuze.com/hc/en-us.

Still have a question?

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